How Do I Safely Re-Open My Business? 10 Guidelines for Re-Opening in a Covid-19 World

As the US economy begins to slowly re-open and businesses begin to plan their reopening strategies, it’s imperative that employee safety be at the forefront of any reopening plan. In this blog, we’ll discuss ten guidelines for safely reopening your business in a covid-19 world.

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Agility Ladders with Pro Gaff tape

How can you improve your coordination? Try making Pro Gaff? Agility Ladders!

Whether you’re a professional athlete or a weekend warrior, you can improve your mind-muscle coordination with an at-home workout using agility ladders! They’re a great way to improve your coordination and drive up your heart rate.

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copper foil simple circuit craft

STEM Crafts: Simple LED Circuit Project using Pro? 882L Copper Tape

STEM is an acronym for Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. STEM education’s objective is to create critical thinkers. As parents, we can help our children develop a better understanding for advanced engineering concepts with fun and easy projects. Read on to discover one easy experiment using our Pro? 882L Copper Foil Tape!

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Tapes for Social Distancing

Why Pro Tapes? Entertainment Products are Perfect for Social Distancing

Marking off your floors for safe social distancing? Learn the secret that Hollywood & Broadway have known for 40 years… Pro? Gaff is the safest & cleanest way to have your customers stand where you want them to!

Pro Tapes & Specialties? has been the leading provider of performance grade tapes to the Arts & Entertainment market segment for over 40 years. Pro Tapes? has developed numerous products that are specifically engineered to be applied in even the most challenging environments.

Pro Tapes? has the ability to offer excellent problem solving solutions when addressing the latest social distancing protocols. Two of our products that fit the criteria are Pro Gaff? and Pro? 120.

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